• Xpress Self

    Xpress yourself Self with a quote that lends a voice to your feelings. Download this App on your Smartphone today!

  • Hakim's Aalim

    Uncover how we gave one of the most-sought after celebrity hairstylists, Aalim Hakim's website a complete makeover!

  • IFB 10/10000 Washing Machine Exchange Offer

    An exciting exchange offer campaign that convinced people to trade in their Junk (old washing machine) for a Jewel (new IFB one)!

  • IFB Missing Washing Machine Campaign - Social Media

    Facebook was abuzz with conspiracy theories as curious fans logged on to resolve the curious case of missing old washing machines.

  • Fiat Caffè – Web & Apps

    A hat-trick of creativity as we hit the roads with Fiat Caffè microsite, Kiosk & iPad apps.

  • Logitech India - Social Media

    Like & Follow - Connect with your favourite brand, Logitech India, on your preferred Social Network.