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GCC Power and Water Forum


Event Date : 1st & 2nd Sept14

Event Location : Dubai, UAE

The GCC Power and Water Forum is a unique global platform for promoting power and water sustainability in GCC region. This forum is all set to witness top level dignitaries and experts of the power and water industry from across the entire GCC region.

This forum provides a stage for discussions on benchmarking crucial issues to seize new opportunities and make them effective for the region.

The major topics of discussion include different control policies that govern the power & water industry, quality management, complete analysis of the most suitable technologies, effective management of power & water resources. These topics will be addressed by experts like Vahid Fotuhi, President of Middle East Solar Industry Association; Abdullah Alhagbani, Director of Corporate Projects, National Water Company; Alice Cowman, CEO, Clean Energy Business Council; Touseef Farooqi, Commercial Director, Taweelah Asia Power Company.

The GCC Power & Water Forum is all about putting together a line of top notch industry majors and making it the most exclusive summit in the entire region. With this perspective, BE Summits ensures a quality knowledge sharing forum along with an appropriate essence of business opportunities to benefit the organizations today.

for more information visit @ www.gccpwf.com

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