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Big Data Partnering Asia 2016


Event Date : 29 - 30 November 2016.

Location : Shanghai

Big Data Partnering Asia 2016 will be Held on November in Shanghai

With the fast development of cloud computing technologies, the cost of data warehousing& analytics has been sharply cut down and the big data industry is embracing a high growth era. It is estimated that the global big data market will reach 15.3 billion USD by 2016. Although, China’s big data industry is still in its start-up stage, the market scale has already exceeded 1.5 billion USD and expected to keep an annual growth of more than 30% in the next 5 years. as big data has been regarded as one of the national strategies in the 13th “Five-Year Plan” , series of government policies has been made out to encourage the development of big data and its application in various industries from finance, telecommunication, retail to tourism, transportation and IT. Big data has brought an unprecedented revolution to these industries. However, for companies to build their own big data strategies there are still challenges ahead in areas like data value assessment, data management and application.

Big Data Partnering Asia 2016 is a premier international summit focused on the big data industry in China and Asia. More than 300 executive leaders from local and international companies of various industries, emerging big data traders, big data service providers and technology vendors, will be invited to get involved and discuss key topics from global bid data development trends, operation and management strategies to practical applications. The event is designed to build an international platform of collaboration and communication for big data companies and the industries, so as to promote business evolution and a new growth wave of economy.

Key Issues

 Learn how to build a Data-Driven organization
 Hear global case studies from a broad cross-section of industries
 Understand how to leverage your data to make important business decisions
 Learn how to evaluate data assets and transform into revenues
 Gain insights from global guru on big data industry
 Meeting with potential partners to expand your business in China

Who Will Attend?

CEO, CDO, CIO, CTO, Chief Architecture, CMO
&Vice President, Head, Director, Manager of : IT, Marketing, Business Development, Strategy, Data Center and BI

By Industry:
Big Data Companies
Industries (Finance, Tourism, E-commerce, Retail, Transportation, Tel-communication and etc.)
Technology/Solution Vendors

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